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Keeping Space Clean and Safe for Everyone: The Global Sustainability Mission

By Jeffrey Hill, Rachel Jewett | January 22, 2024

      There is always an inherent risk when doing anything in space. That said, a handful of space sustainability-minded companies are working hard to minimize those risks and prevent self-inflicted catastrophes. In this episode, we’ll learn about the true scope of the threat posed by space debris, congestion and the lack of situational awareness and about the technologies and solutions being deployed to keep space clean. We’ll also explore the value of space sustainability economy itself, and how government and private investment in green space tech will pay off in the future.

      This episode features Patricia Cooper, president and founder of Constellation Advisory; Audrey Schaffer vice president of Strategy & Policy for Slingshot Aerospace; and Kristin Shahady, business development manager for Astroscale U.S.

      This episode is part of the Future Space Economy Series which brings together global industries, space leaders, governments, and educators to explore practical applications for space infrastructure and technologies. Season Two kicks off live at SATELLITE 2024 with the session, Building Deep Space Satellite Connectivity Networks, on March 20. Register for SATELLITE to attend in person.

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