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Explaining the Vital Space-to-Ground Link With SSC’s Erwin Mercado

By Rachel Jewett | December 4, 2023

      SSC’s mission is: “We help Earth benefit from Space.” For SSC — Swedish Space Corporation — fulfilling that mission involves its extensive ground network that supports launches with real-time TT&C data and communicating with payloads. This episode of On Orbit features a conversation with Erwin Mercado, president and CEO of the company’s U.S. subsidiary, SSC Space US Inc, about the value of space communications. 

      Erwin talks about the company’s rich history in space. Formerly known as Universal Space Network, the company was founded by Pete Conrad, commander of the Apollo 12 mission and third person to walk on the Moon. Erwin shares how the company has built up a portfolio of ground stations around the world to form the link between Earth and space, and how these communications are critical to support space missions.

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