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ST Engineering iDirect CEO Don Claussen Unpacks the Vision for Intuition

By Mark Holmes | April 14, 2024

      At SATELLITE 2024, ST Engineering iDirect unveiled it’s much anticipated next-generation satellite ground system. As expected, it’s engineered to be cloud-enabled, with virtualized infrastructure, supporting multi orbit networks, designed for network orchestration, and built on open standards.

      But what is truly novel about the new platform is actually captured in its name: Intuition.

      In this exclusive interview, Mark Holmes, Senior Editorial Director of Via Satellite, and Don Claussen, ST Engineering iDirect’s Chief Executive Officer, unpack the vision for Intuition.

      “We’re going to operate at scales we’ve never operated at before,” says Don. “We’re putting a lot of emphasis on the back end of the network – how do we operate, integrate, maintain, and upgrade these networks.”

      According to Don, Intuition is designed to enable the massive growth opportunity at stake today in the satellite communication industry, and help satellite operators manage the both scale and complexity – which go hand in hand.

      “Intuition will learn and anticipate, understand patterns in the network, to drive decision making in this environment of increasing complexity.” Which he says is the necessary ground segment counterpart to make to make satellite networks intuitive, adaptive, and flexible.

      Check out the full interview here, and learn about the Intuition roadmap and how it leverages iDirect’s industry leading technologies combined with new innovations. Don’t miss the Intuition eBook.