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flyExclusive Expands Fleet Commitment of Gogo AVANCE

By Jeffrey Hill | June 1, 2023
A flyExclusive private jet. Photo: flyExclusive

A flyExclusive private jet. Photo: flyExclusive

Gogo Business Aviation has scored a contract with flyExclusive to upgrade a fleet of 40 private aircraft with Gogo’s AVANCE L3 and AVANCE L5 in-flight connectivity platform.

Gogo is flyExclusive’s primary in-flight connectivity provider. Offering customers what it calls “curated private jet experiences around the world,” flyExclusive currently operates more than 90 aircraft flying with Gogo’s AVANCE L3, AVANCE L5 or Gogo classic ATG [air-to-ground] systems (ATG 5000, 4000 or 2000) onboard.

AVANCE L3 and L5 include Gogo’s Vision 360 streaming movie and TV programming platform, which is offered at a fixed monthly price. AVANCE L5 also provides an upgrade path to Gogo 5G and Gogo’s global Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) broadband solution, Gogo Galileo.

“We’re thrilled to broaden our agreement with flyExclusive to offer their passengers an enhanced inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) solution with an AVANCE hardware upgrade,” said Andy Geist, senior vice president of business development for Gogo.

Financial details of the contract were not disclosed.