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Anuvu to Use Hispasat Capacity to Serve Maritime Customers

By Mark Holmes | September 29, 2022

Photo: Hispasat

Hispasat has teamed up with Anuvu, and the service provider will use capacity on Hispasat’s satellites to provide services to key maritime customers in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. The two companies announced the deal Sept. 28.

This multi-transponder service will be provided from Hispasat’s orbital positions at 30 degrees West and 61 degrees West, which offers coverage in both regions. The two companies are expanding their collaboration in the connectivity field in mobility environments, a sector in which they were already providing joint broadband services in these regions during high traffic seasons.

“This capacity in highly important coverage areas for commercial maritime traffic, as well as the excellent reliability of their connectivity solutions in mobility environments, make HISPASAT an ideal partner to reinforce our services in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean,” Tim Southard, Anuvu’s VP, Networks, said in a statement.