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OneWeb Ramps Up IFC Aviation Activity with Release of Connected Passenger Report

By | June 13, 2022

Photo: Via Satellite/ Media

OneWeb has released initial findings from its first OneWeb Connected Passenger Report, a survey of passenger attitudes toward air travel and inflight connectivity (IFC) in the post-pandemic landscape. Some see the UK-based LEO constellation operator’s report as a lead-up to a potential announcement of its first major airline customer sometime durin the next few months.

To undertake the research, OneWeb partnered with international research agency, TAG Research, to collect both qualitative and quantitative data. Quantitative data was collected in a survey completed by 4,110 individuals from across the US, UK, Singapore and the UAE. Research took place between February and March 2022.

OneWeb’s research found that the prospect of Wi-Fi disconnection in the sky creates undue stress before the flight. It says 59% of passengers surveyed rating the current quality of IFC between ‘very poor’ to ‘moderate’ on a 7-point scale. It says younger digital native passengers are less tolerant of current IFC and dismissive of its usability. It says 60% of passengers surveyed agree that the while the idea of accessing Wi-Fi in-flight is great, current connections aren’t reliable enough

“OneWeb is proud to share the results of this survey with our colleagues across the industry, as we work together to better understand and address the needs and demands of modern air passengers. The Connected Passenger Report sheds light on the shifting sentiment of passengers who are demanding better and more consistent connectivity, while also prioritizing wellbeing and sustainability more than ever before. These insights are incredibly important as we look to build solutions and inflight experiences that cater to the digitally demanding and socially conscious passengers of tomorrow,” Ben Griffin, VP Mobility at OneWeb, said in a statement.