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Dobroflot to Manage Fuel Savings With IOT Solution By Orange Business Services

By | May 22, 2018
Russian fishing fleet operator Dobroflot

Russian fishing fleet operator Dobroflot chooses IOT solution by Orange Business Services to optimize fuel consumption. Photo Credit: DobroFlot

Russian fishing fleet operator Dobroflot Group is set to deploy an Internet of Things (IOT) solution for fuel monitoring from Orange Business Services. The solution helps to optimize fuel consumption, analyzing weather and vessel position, to, reportedly, save up to 10 percent of fuel costs and help to prevent unauthorized fuel usage. The IOT solution uses a fully-managed satellite solution from Orange Business Services that connects Dobroflot’s vessels and onshore operations.

Dobroflot will pilot the IOT solution initially on a single vessel before rolling it out across eight vessels in its fleet. This pilot will enable Dobroflot to accurately monitor fuel consumption online while at sea, as well as during bunkering and refueling. It will help crew to reduce commercial losses by continuously monitoring the vessel’s main engine, its auxiliary diesel generators and boilers.

To develop the customized IOT solution, Orange Business Services teamed up with Technodar, a Russian specialist in fuel consumption monitoring systems and satellite transport monitoring. Technodar leverages the Coriolis flow meter technology to measure mass flowing through a pipe. Sensors feed measurements directly to the IOT solution, which sends data back to shore via an onboard Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT). The solution requires no initial investment from Dobroflot, who will pay only a monthly subscription for the service.