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SAS Steps Up Efforts to Bring Nanosatellite Communications to the Caribbean

By | July 24, 2018

An artist rendition of an SAS Pearl nanosatellite. Photo: SAS

U.K.-based Sky and Space Global (SAS), which works to provide affordable communications to the world’s equatorial regions, is stepping up its efforts to bring nanosatellite-based communications to the Caribbean. SAS is holding discussions with the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) about the use of its nanosatellite technology, following a successful demonstration of the company’s Three Diamonds telecommunications network. The demonstration of the narrowband network’s capabilities took place in Georgetown, Guyana on Jul. 12.

SAS successfully launched nanosatellites for its Three Diamonds network in 2017. The company plans to launch a constellation of 200 nanosatellites in the beginning of 2019, with full-scale deployment to follow in 2020.

SAS’ Pearls constellation will provide nanosatellite narrowband services to the Caribbean region after its deployment in 2019.