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PlanetWatchers Unveils Multi-Source SAR Analytics Platform

By | September 5, 2018
Photo: PlanetWatchers

Photo: PlanetWatchers

PlanetWatchers developed a new multi-source Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) platform that utilizes multiple SAR sources to deliver actionable insights without the usual delays due to weather, time of day, and environmental conditions. Natural resource managers will now receive enhanced risk management and analytical data from the new platform.

PlanetWatchers has already successfully completed a number of major engagements around the world using its SAR-based analytics platform in a variety of vertical industries including forestry, sugarcane, and energy. “Numerous clients received exceptional field intelligence, and implemented it with measurable gains,” PlanetWatchers Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ariel Smoliar said in the release.

The SAR Analytics Platform tasks multi-source SAR sources combined with optical imagery and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven analytics to provide the last mile of analytics actionable intelligence critically important to operations, supply chain, risk management, and planning departments at natural resource companies. The platform identifies a wide array of parameters, such as crop uniformity and environmental damage caused by wildfires, pests, and weather anomalies that directly impact yield, risks, and profitability.