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TerraSense Launches Big Data Application to Aid Farmers

By | September 20, 2017
      Diagram of the TESA application. Photo: TerraSense.

      Diagram of the TESA application. Photo: TerraSense.

      TerraSense has launched a new software application paired with a hardware solution that provides predictability and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the agricultural sector and other verticals. According to the company, the TerraSense Environmental Sensing Application (TESA) continually gathers soil quality data in real time, allowing agricultural workers to produce more food with fewer input resources by improving their land’s soil health.

      Each sensor measures more than 25 different data points that include soil temperature, moisture, and pH along with advanced micro-climate data and satellite imagery. This provides growers and land managers real-time visibility into the real-time condition of their land. Combined with machine learning, predictive analytics, and AI, the software platform helps its clients understand where future problems may occur, enabling them to take preemptive steps to prevent issues from escalating from minor issues to major problems.

      Growers, mining companies and governments all use the soil quality data to understand soil health and improve the value of their crops and land as well as cut large input costs. By preventing over-fertilization and over-watering, business can also reduce costs and environmental impacts, TerraSense stated.

      “Today, soil testing and monitoring is a manual and tedious process that can take weeks to collect and further time to respond to conditions on the land. With our TerraSensors distributed around an area of land, various stakeholders get continuous insight of the soil and atmospheric conditions. Waiting for test results to help maintain optimal growing conditions is no longer necessary,” said Jon Thies, TerraSense Chief Technology Officer (CTO).