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Macom Expands 12.5Gbps Digital Crosspoint Offering with New Switch Family

By | April 24, 2017
      The MAXP-23008 switch core.

      The MAXP-23008 switch core. Photo: Macom.

      Macom Technology Solutions announced a new family of high-performance, asynchronous, fully non-blocking crosspoint switches to support 4K and 8K Ultra High-Definition (UHD) TV. As video content evolves beyond high definition, MACOM’s family of crosspoints support the bandwidth required to transport these higher resolutions.

      Macom’s new MAXP-23008, MAXP-23012 and MAXP-23016 support switch matrix densities of 8 by 8, 12 by 12 and 16 by 16, respectively. The devices operate up to 12.5Gbps, thereby enabling switching and routing of numerous high resolution video formats, including UHDTV uncompressed Serial Digital Interface (SDI) data rates of 11.88Gbps, High Definition Media Interface (HDMI) 2.1 lane speeds of 12Gbps and DisplayPort 1.4 lane rates of 8.1Gbps.

      Macom’s crosspoint switches include signal conditioning capabilities that allow the devices to compensate for signal losses over extended board traces. The output drivers have adjustable output swing and programmable levels of de-emphasis, which allow the user to fully optimize their link for optimum performance. Additionally, Macom’s designed its new crosspoint switches to handle the stress of pathological video patterns encountered in SDI video applications.