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Flightcell International Unveils its Tracking Technology Using Cellular IP

By | February 2, 2017
      Flightcell International IP Tracking

      Photo: Flightcell International

      Flightcell International has released its next-generation, high frequency, low-cost tracking technology using Internet Protocol (IP) over cellular. Cellular IP tracking provides more precise tracking by increasing the number of GPS positions sent from an aircraft. This is achieved at a significantly lower overall cost than traditional tracking, according to the company.

      Cellular IP tracking uses cellular broadband data services and IP routing instead of cellular SMS or satellite data services. When out of cellular range tracking automatically switches to Iridium satellite and the reverse applies when a cellular network is available. When tracking via satellite the frequency of the position points automatically decreases to keep costs down.

      Flightcell International developed its new tracking technology using the Flightcell DZMx, its all-in-one aviation communications system providing satellite and cellular voice and data communications with hybrid GPS tracking. A firmware upgrade will allow existing DZMx customers with cellular modems to use the new technology, according to the company.