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MVS USA Updates Satcom Network with Eye on Cybersecurity

By Juliet Van Wagenen | December 5, 2016
      Cyber Security

      Photo: Intelsat

      [Via Satellite 12-05-2016] With the aim to combat cyberthreats, satellite communications solutions provider MVS USA is upgrading its global satellite network with a focus on data security. Once completed, MVS service providers and customers will have access to a range of new features designed to keep data secure and allow users to more quickly identify and respond to breaches, according to a statement released by the company.

      “Security is on everyone’s mind and it’s no different in the satellite industry where reliability, privacy and network availability is crucial,” said MVS USA CEO Deborah Deffaa. “Our customers want assurances that the network itself is protected from a debilitating attack and that they can protect themselves and their users from cyberthreats.”

      Once the network upgrade is completed during the early part of 2017, MVS USA customers will have access to their own virtual network that, among other benefits, will allow them to monitor traffic using their own portal, according to the company. With customers operating their own virtual private networks, MVS USA says this will reduce the threat of an individual attack permeating the network.