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MaxLinear Digital CSS Technology Used in SelfSat Flat Satellite Antenna

By | June 7, 2016
      SelfSat H21 dCSS

      The SelfSat dCSS flat satellite antenna. Photo: SelfSat

      [Via Satellite 06-07-2016] South Korea-based I DO IT Co. has selected MaxLinear’s MxL862 Full-Spectrum Capture (FSC) digital Channel Stacking Switch (dCSS) System-on-Chip (SoC) for the SelfSat–H21DCSS flat satellite antenna.

      The SelfSat–H21DCSS is a low-profile flat antenna measuring 517mm by 277mm that performs the same function as a parabolic satellite antenna, but is unobtrusive and can be easily self-installed in homes and apartments.

      The antenna uses MxL862 to digitize the entire satellite spectrum and deliver up to 32 user bands over a single cable. The MxL862 is part of the MxL86x family of dCSS SoCs and features two FSC wideband RF inputs with a single L-band IF output. The device is a single-chip dCSS solution, integrating FSC analog-to-digital converters, a digital channel-stacking engine and a digital-to-analog converter for single-cable satellite signal distribution including filters, communication modems and a microcontroller. The single chip MxL862 dramatically reduces system costs and significantly reduces thermal design challenges, according to MaxLinear.

      The new SelfSat–H21DCSS is part of a family of flat satellite antennas that also includes a SAT>IP version based on the MxL584 FSC receiver, for distribution of up to eight satellite TV channels to any connected device in the home.