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RSCC and Energia Sign Collaboration Agreement

By | July 28, 2015
      RSCC Energia Russia

      Executives from RSC Energia and RSCC. Photo: RSCC

      [Via Satellite 07-28-2015] Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) and RSC Energia have signed an agreement to work together on developing advanced communications and broadcasting satellite systems. The agreement is expected to result in more efficient use of resources from both companies in order to design such systems.

      “The agreement we have signed is called upon to spur implementation of the 2016-2025 program to develop the domestic orbital constellation of civilian communications and broadcasting satellites involving Russia’s leading space industry enterprises that have the requisite knowhow and unique competencies in the area of space hardware,” said Yuri Prokhorov, director-general at RSCC.

      RSCC and Energia plan to jointly develop technical requirements for prospective satellite communications and broadcasting systems, including future systems for RSCC. They will also assess the feasibility of applying new requirements to future communications and broadcasting satellites using the Research and Development (R&D) and production potential of the Russian space industry, and draft proposals regarding the use of prospective domestic satellite launch systems.

      “I am convinced that our joint efforts will make it possible to expedite implementation of state-of-the-art processes and standards to ensure appropriate quality and reliability of satellite-supported communications services. Our cooperation will serve the objective of further development of Russia’s infrastructure of satellite communications and broadcasting,” said Energia President Vladimir Solntsev.

      Energia is Russia’s principal entity for manned space systems, and is actively involved in space and rocket systems along with high-tech systems for non-space activities. Specialists from the company who attended training programs at Airbus Defence and Space under the Express-series project will be among those contributing to the development of new spacecraft.