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Mobile Telesystem Deploys DataMiner for Satellite TV Earth Station

By Caleb Henry | January 22, 2015
      DataMiner Network Management

      DataMiner Network Management.Photo: Skyline Communications

      [Via Satellite 01-21-2015] Mobile Telesystems (MTS) has selected Skyline Communications’ DataMiner end-to-end, multi-vendor network management platform to monitor and control the equipment at the company’s Moscow, Russia-based satellite Earth station. The DataMiner solution for MTS provides fully unified remote monitoring and control of all system components, as well as fault and performance management.

      The solution covers variety of products from different industry vendors such as CPI, Symmetricom, Newtec and Vertex. Operators using Skyline Communication’s DataMiner can create and edit their user interface instantly through Microsoft Visio, applying changes in situ without affecting ongoing operations.

      MTS is launching 160 television channels in six languages through Asia Broadcast Satellite’s ABS 2 spacecraft, with 30 channels in HD and room for 4K. MTS will be able to reach 95 percent of the population of Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

      “This is a unique project that provides a completely new product for Russia, combining the advantages of satellite TV and mobile communications,” said Bart Reynaert, sales manager at Skyline Communications. “Customers in remote areas will receive high-quality TV content that was previously available only to IPTV users in large cities with a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure.”

      V-Lux Group participated in the Earth station project as a system integrator.