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Gazprom Space Systems Expands Capacity Lease with Globecomm

By | November 19, 2014
      Yamal 402 Gazprom

      Yamal 402’s European, Southern and steerable beams. Photo: Gazprom Space Systems

      [Via Satellite 11-19-2014] Globecomm has leased additional capacity on Gazprom Space System’s Yamal 402 satellite, totaling 36MHz. The new capacity will serve customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

      Globecomm offers services on two Gazprom Space Systems satellites, Yamal 402 and Yamal 202, with uplinking services at teleports in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Moscow. The company is investing in an open iDirect platform for the EMEA region. Globecomm plans to deploy new satellite communications services for oil exploration companies and European governmental organizations.

      Gazprom Space Systems’ Yamal Satellite Communications System is comprised of three satellites: Yamal 202, Yamal 300K and Yamal 402. The company’s next satellite, Yamal 401, is slated to launch Dec. 12 aboard a Proton rocket through International Launch Services (ILS).