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OceanMind Extends Vessel-Tracking Data Deal With Spire 

By Rachel Jewett | July 11, 2023

OceanMind monitors ocean activity. Photo: OceanMind

Marine enforcement company OceanMind is expanding its agreement with Spire Global for automatic identification system (AIS) vessel-tracking data. Spire has been providing AIS data to OceanMind since 2019.

OceanMind supports fisheries enforcement officials, seafood buyers and non-governmental organizations to monitor compliance with fishing activities. Spire’s data helps the company identify suspected illegal fishing, with OceanMind calling the data a “keystone” in that mission. 

“The breadth and depth of capabilities offered by Spire’s solution empower us to effectively notify fisheries authorities about non-compliance within their waters and help direct enforcement efforts to stop tainted catch from entering the supply chain. To date, we have verified over $600 million worth of tuna imports entering the global market,” commented OceanWise CEO Nick Wise.