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SatSure Forms KaleidEO to Build Optical Payloads In-House 

By Rachel Jewett | July 5, 2022

SatSure inaugurates KaleidEO subsidiary. Photo: SatSure

Space data and analytics company SatSure is launching a new subsidiary, KaleidEO, to build optical payloads to collect satellite imagery. 

SatSure said in a Tuesday announcement that it incubated the subsidiary within the company during the last year. KaleidEO was formed to solve “challenges around imagery acquisition in the upstream sector,” SatSure said. 

KaleidEO will build high resolution optical payloads which will be integrated on four satellites that will be sourced commercially. The satellites will produce raw imagery, processed data and insights from the payload’s Edge processing unit, hosting SatSure’s proprietary AI/ML algorithms. The company plans to launch four satellites providing near 1-meter spatial resolution imagery at the end of 2024.

“SatSure believes that access to information should be at the crossroads of lower service time and fair pricing that closes the business case it is addressing. Through KaleidEO, India would have its first hi-res optical payload fleet that would bridge the demand-supply gap,” said Arpan Sahoo, COO at KaleidEO.

This move comes after SatSure recently acquired Philadelphia-based geospatial services company Old City Innovations in a bid to enter the U.S. market. Old City Innovations (OCI), formerly Geospoc LLC, USA, provides geospatial services in mortgage, agriculture, insurance, and drone markets in the U.S.