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Axess Networks Strikes New Healthcare Partnership in Africa

By Mark Holmes | March 29, 2023

Doctor advising patient with telemedicine. Photo: Axess Networks 

Axess Networks is forming a new three-way partnership as it looks to make healthcare more accessible to everyone in Africa. It is joining forces with Wazima Health, Africa’s integrated e-health telemedicine and health management UK company and Comitas e-Health, a Spanish telemedicine service provider in an exciting new partnership. The three companies announced the partnership, March 28. The multi-year partnership starts this month.

Axess will provide satellite, fiber, and wireless communications solutions, including among other services, VSAT networks and project management expertise

Wazima focuses on point of care screening, access to diagnosis, electronic health records referral, medicines, monitoring and support for continuous care. Comitas e-Health specializes in the provision of professional telemedicine services, hardware and software that efficiently support the remote medical exploration of any kind of patients. The parties share the common goal to make quality healthcare in Africa more accessible.

The three companies have developed comprehensive solutions for the provision of telemedicine services via satellite in remote areas, making it possible for patients to receive medical care without having to travel to a healthcare facility. Services are made available in specialist sites like medical care centres, hospitals, pharmacies or diagnostic centres where medical professionals are located in real-time, as well as in remote sites, equipped with a remote medical examination system.

“Our mission is to transform Africa’s access to healthcare, covering the full continuum of essential health services, from health promotion to prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care. We welcome the partnerships with Axess and Comitas to further fulfill our mission: making affordable quality healthcare a norm across Africa,” Elizabeth Adeshina, CEO at Wazima Health, said in a statement.