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Satixfy to Supply Telesat With Baseband Modems for Lightspeed Ground Network 

By Rachel Jewett | December 1, 2021

SatixFy’s 3099 processor chip, as presented on SatixFy’s website.

Telesat has chosen Satixfy for baseband modem equipment for its Lightspeed satellite constellation. The Canadian operator on Wednesday announced a manufacturing agreement for 288 of Satixfy’s Sx3099 landing station modems. 

The companies said these modems are designed to process up to 1.6 GHz of bandwidth in each direction, supporting 10 wideband carriers, uplink power control and adaptive coding and modulation, and network data processing. Each landing station antenna is designed to be capable of transmitting approximately 12 Gbps on the forward link and receiving approximately 6 Gbps on the return link.

“Packaged in a small, lightweight outdoor enclosure, Satixfy’s innovative technology and equipment delivers a powerful value proposition for our gateway earth station network,” commented Aneesh Dalvi, Telesat’s director of LEO Landing Stations and User Terminals.  “With SatixFy’s solution, we have further optimized our landing station size and capacity while reducing deployment and operating costs.”

This agreement comes after Telesat announced an early access program in March to validate and qualify the Sx3099 modem ASIC for use with the Lightspeed ground infrastructure. Telesat said Wednesday that the program validated simultaneous high throughput transmit and receive performance, passing end-to-end traffic between the Sx3099 Ethernet ports and the radio frequency interface using multicarrier operations over the DVB-S2X air interface.