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Goonhilly to Expand Engineering Capabilities with New Location

By | October 19, 2018
Goonhilly satellite station. Photo: Gemma Garner (Flickr)

Goonhilly satellite station. Photo: Gemma Garner (Flickr)

Goonhilly opened an office in Farnborough, Hampshire, in the U.K. in support of its plans to expand its consultancy, design engineering, and small-scale manufacturing capabilities. The new site gives Goonhilly more space to expand its design engineering team and engineering capabilities.

The teams in Farnborough and Goonhilly will collaborate closely. For example, while the Farnborough team will be focused on deep space antenna array design, their colleagues in Cornwall will undertake the implementation. Goonhilly is also recruiting and investing in small-scale advanced manufacturing/production facilities at its Cornwall headquarters, where it plans to build these next-generation systems.

Working closely with the U.K.’s radio astronomy academic community, Goonhilly engineers work to apply the latest radio astronomy techniques to innovative commercial projects, for example, the development of whole-sky antenna arrays for detecting and tracking satellites. These arrays enable other services including Internet of Things (IOT) satellite terminals; 5G satellite systems; aeronautical terminals; and high-throughput modulation designs for constellation communications.