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Colombia Taps Sweden to Boost Space Ambitions

By Mark Holmes | June 16, 2023
      View of Colombia's capital Bogota. Photo: Creative Commons license via pxfuel

      View of Colombia’s capital Bogota. Photo: Creative Commons license via pxfuel

      Sweden and Colombia are going to collaborate more in the space sector. Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) and the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) have a signed a letter of intent with the government of Colombia regarding joint space activities. The collaboration was announced June 16. It aims to strengthen Colombia’s ambitions to develop its national space program, with the help of Swedish research, competence and established space operations infrastructure. Colombia has a population of just over 50 million people.

      Through the establishment of a national space program, Colombia aims to develop the country’s capabilities in rocket and satellite missions, satellite ground station development, earth observation and space data analytics for climate research and security, applications in artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity. SSC will offer its support utilizing the vast experience of satellite communication and operations as well as rocket launch activities. This expertise is based on the 50 years of experience from operating the most versatile space base Esrange in Sweden as well as the company’s global network of satellite ground stations. The LoI also includes the exchange of experience to support the establishment of a Colombian space agency.

      “Cross-national collaborations are crucial for the global space sector to keep up with the growing societal needs for space-related services. With this LoI we enable further collaborations to, for example, combat climate change affecting the Amazon rainforest and agriculture sector in Colombia, as well as industrial growth and security in the region. Together, SSC and KTH is well-suited to establish a long-lasting collaboration that beneficial for all parties in this joint endeavor,” Stefan Gustafsson, head of Strategy at SSC, said in a statement.