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SES Reveals Balloon-lifted Tactical Persistent Surveillance Product

By Caleb Henry | September 23, 2016
      SES TPS

      SES’ Tactical Persistent Surveillance (TPS) product. Photo: SES

      [Via Satellite 09-23-2016] SES has unveiled its first Government+ product offering: Tactical Persistent Surveillance (TPS), an inflatable aerostat-technology capable of hosting a variety of advanced Electro-Optical (E/O) sensor and communications payload options at altitudes up to 1,000 feet.

      TPS is a portable, modular solution capable of quick global deployment and operations for surveillance and communications activities, designed to provide enhanced situational awareness for border security, special event monitoring and disaster response missions around the world. The sensor payload can transmit or backhaul Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) video and data via satellite to a centralized monitoring and control center using small aperture and quick deploy flyaway Ku-band antennas. The ISR solution enables security, military and first responder teams to monitor areas on demand to detect, locate, characterize, identify and track people, objects and potential threats up to 5 kilometers away.

      TPS can incorporate Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) radio technology and provide a mobile ad hoc communications network with 3G, 4G, LTE or WIMAX broadband connectivity up to 20 miles from an E/O sensor in areas where infrastructure is non-existent or destroyed. Satellite-delivered IP service is also an option within the MIMO coverage area, enabling any IP-enabled device to support a broad range of field applications, including video streaming, voice, Internet, and remote mission-critical applications such as biometric identification.