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SkyTerra Launches International SMART Talk-Group

By | August 4, 2009

      [Satellite TODAY 08-04-09] SkyTerra has added the Infrastructure Satellite Mutual Aid Radio Talk-group (I-SMART) to its family of SMART talk-groups, the company announced Aug. 3.
          I-SMART, created by Seattle Public Utilities and operating on SkyTerra’s satellite communications network, enables interoperable communications between both public and private entities. The unit aims to serve government and private sector critical-infrastructure agencies, including transportation and water, electricity, gas and petroleum utilities throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.
          “Additional international talkgroups are currently under development and, along with the other SMART talkgroups, will provide essential emergency-related communications between users of the talkgroups,” said Jim Corry, vice president of customer solutions for SkyTerra, in a statement.

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