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Avanti Secures Future Business for Hylas, Releases Preliminary Report

By | October 2, 2008

      [Satellite Today 10-02-08] Avanti Communications signed contracts with the European Space Agency, the European Union and various U.K. regional development agencies to secure future business for Avanti’s first satellite, Hylas One, the company announced Oct. 2.
          Hylas One is due for launch in 2009.
          In its October preliminary reports, Avanti reported revenue of 5.9 million British pounds ($10.4 million), compared to 2.6 million British pounds ($4.5 million) in October 2007. For the first half of its year, Avanti’s pre-tax losses were 1.4 million British pounds ($2.4 million), compared to 3.1 million ($5.4 million) British pounds for same period in 2007.

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