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SES Mines New Deal With Shevon in Africa

By Mark Holmes | November 10, 2022

SES signs a deal with Africa’s Shevon to support mining with satellite capacity. Photo: SES

SES has made inroads into the mining sector in Africa. It has teamed up with an African mining company, Shevon on a two-year deal which will see Shevon use SES capacity for connectivity services. SES announced the deal Nov. 10.

As a result of the deal, Shevon will SES’s O3b’s high-throughput and low-latency connectivity services, enabling the DRC mining company to implement new services and applications that aim to improve workers’ safety, digitalize operations and and increase automation.

“SES has been providing us Geostationary satellite capacity for years and it has served us well. However, in recent years, we have seen the energy sector in this region growing and developing where the demand for reliable, high-throughput and low-latency services is more critical than ever. We are excited for our first MEO contract with SES and how the low-latency services will transform our business,” Craig Jennings, CEO of Shevon, said in a statement.