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SatADSL Enables Satellite Connectivity in Africa from the Cloud

By Kendall Russell | February 13, 2018

Photo: SatADSL.

SatADSL, a provider of Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services via satellite, announced a new service for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) which will enable them to deliver satellite-based connectivity without investment in physical infrastructure. Using SatADSL’s multi-band Cloud-based Service Delivery Platform (C-SDP), the solution allows MNOs to outsource their satellite services by providing a complete Operations and Business Support System (OSS/BSS) platform. Initially, the offering will target MNOs in Africa, where terrestrial infrastructure remains limited due to vast rural areas.

Operating on Ka-, Ku- or C-band, the C-SDP includes a network management system that allows IP traffic to be shaped and routed from and to different hubs, and an in-built customer management tool enabling MNOs to manage and monitor their own customers. A hotspot management system allows MNOs to configure, manage and monitor remote hotspot networks through the cloud, while a billing system enables online payments and automatic billing, the company stated.

“Satellite is a crucial tool for MNOs looking to serve new markets and launch additional revenue-generating services, such as business-to-business applications,” said Michel Dothey, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and co-founder of SatADSL. “While high investment costs, the risk of vendor lock-in and the uncertainty of the satellite market put many MNOs off investing in their own satellite infrastructure in the past, this new innovative solution mitigates these drawbacks.”