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Neuraspace Raises $2.75M to Commercialize Satellite Collision Avoidance Platform

By | March 28, 2022

Photo: Neuraspace

Space situational awareness startup Neuraspace has raised 2.5 million euros ($2.75 million) from Armilar Venture Partners. Armilar invested in Neuraspace through its TechTransfer Fund, a venture capital fund that aims to invest in startups that strive to commercialize R&D outputs. Neuraspace, a Portuguese company, announced the funding on March 24. 

Neuraspace is developing an AI-powered space debris monitoring and satellite collision avoidance platform, and said the funds will accelerate commercialization of the platform. The company said its proprietary AI technology offers a more accurate satellite collision risk prediction. The platform is also designed to automate manual processes and communications.

Neuraspace is led by COO Chiara Manfletti, who served as the first president of the Portuguese Space Agency. 

“One critical factor that will make or break the New Space economy is achieving safe, scalable and sustainable, both economically and environmentally, in-orbit operations,” Manfletti said. “Neuraspace has the technology and the right strategy to provide satellite operators the solution that will help them unlock the extraordinary value of the New Space economy.”