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Thursday Morning Conversation with Spire CEO Peter Platzer

By Mark Holmes | July 23, 2020

This week’s Thursday Morning Conversation takes us to Luxembourg to talk with Peter Platzer, the CEO of Spire. We find out that Peter was a classically trained tenor and is a big fan of classical music. We also talk about the movies the Platzer household have been watching with “About Time” and the “Bourne” franchise proving to be the top choices.

On a more serious note, we talk about how Spire has adapted to the new normal, and how the Earth Observation (EO) company is targeting industries such as mining and construction. Also look out for the two stars of the video — Peter’s cats, Wolfie and Nannerl (named after Mozart and his sister, of course).

[Read more about Spire in our August edition story, From Imagery to Insights: The Commercial Case for Geospatial Intelligence]

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