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Firefly Helps Airbus With Launch Solutions

By | March 19, 2019
From left Firefly director Mark Watt, Firefly CEO Tom Markusic, Firefly vice president of business development Les Kovacs, and Firefly co-founder Max Polyakov. Photo Credit Firefly Aerospace

From left: Firefly Director Mark Watt, Firefly CEO Tom Markusic, Firefly VP of Business Development Les Kovacs, and Firefly Co-Founder Max Polyakov. Photo: Firefly Aerospace

Firefly Aerospace entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Airbus Defense and Space to develop new space launch solutions for Airbus customers.

“Firefly is pleased to enter into an MOU with Airbus to formulate an integrated market offering that will provide Airbus customers rapid deployment of Airbus manufactured satellites,” said Firefly Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Markusic. “We are very impressed by the versatility and low cost of the Airbus Arrow platform and Airbus’s investment in leading edge satellite mass production capabilities. We look forward to working closely with Airbus to bring economical launch solutions to their customers. This initial MOU covering several launches is the first step of a long-term relationship which will provide Airbus customers the highest level of flexibility for their small satellite launches.”

Airbus Space Systems Head of Constellations Launch Solutions Frederic Sotenberg said, “Our partnership with Firefly will provide launch options with direct access to specific orbits, flexibility, and short notice. The Alpha vehicle addresses an unmet need in small satellite launch and will provide a further option for our customers in addition to legacy medium and large launchers in Europe.”