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Integrasys Establishes Asia-Pacific Presence, Hires New Sales Manager

By | January 15, 2019
Alusat HTS, VSAT monitoring system. Photo: Integrasys.

Alusat HTS, VSAT monitoring system. Photo: Integrasys.

Integrasys is expanding its presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. The company is establishing an office in Jakarta, Indonesia, led by a newly appointed APAC Sales Manager, Ronny Pramanta. He joined Integrasys following a strong history in the telco industry, most recently working with a number of Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) providers, including Metrasat and Patrakom.

“Satellite is increasingly important across Asia Pacific where it is enabling connections in sparsely populated rural areas and continues to be the preferred method of video delivery,” said Intregrasys Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alvaro Sanchez. “Ensuring accurate setup and constant connectivity is critical to keeping these services on air and our tools can enable that. One of our recent successes is with Bank BRI providing four Satmotion Systems to deploy in ATMs.”

Integrasys aims to provide a range of tools to automate VSAT commissioning and improve monitoring of VSAT networks, while serving Operating Expense (OPEX) efficiencies.