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International Datacasting to Merge with Novra Technologies

By Caleb Henry | June 6, 2016
      IDC Headquarters

      IDC Headquarters. Photo: Google Maps screen capture

      [Via Satellite 06-06-2016] International Datacasting Corporation (IDC) shareholders approved a merger with Novra Technologies on May 30. Shareholders of IDC will have more than 40 percent ownership of the combined company on a fully diluted basis. Approximately 53 percent of shareholders participated in a special meeting to decide on the merger.

      IDC has a strong presence in U.S. and international markets with broadcast, enterprise and government customers. Going forward the company will become a subsidiary of Novra and will continue to operate much as it does today. The merger follows Novra’s 2014 acquisition of Wegener Communications, a global radio, television and digital signage product provider. Novra has a 25-year history of supplying satellite products to customers in the U.S., Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa.