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Golfe TV Africa Selects Eutelsat 16A for Transition to HD

By | November 5, 2015
      Eutelsat Dish

      Photo: Eutelsat

      [Via Satellite 11-05-2015] Beninese private news channel Golfe TV Africa has selected Eutelsat Communications to support its transition to High Definition (HD) broadcasting. Golfe TV Africa has taken a three-year capacity lease on the Eutelsat 16A satellite to broadcast Sub-Saharan Africa’s first Free-to-Air (FTA) HD channel starting October 1.

      Golfe TV Africa has been transmitting in Standard Definition (SD) in Benin, both terrestrially and by satellite. Its plan is now to offer an enhanced viewing experience to a television audience both in Benin and beyond — in 20 Anglophone and Francophone countries from Senegal to Mozambique. The capacity booked on Eutelsat 16A also enables Golfe TV Africa to offer live broadcast services to other channels in the region.