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Measat Satellite Platform First Asian C-Band Platform to Exceed 50 HD Channels

By | March 19, 2014
      Measat 3 satellite

      Measat 3 satellite. Photo: Measat

      [Via Satellite 03-19-2014] Measat Satellite Systems’ Measat 3/3a platform has become the first Asian C-band satellite platform to exceed 50 high definition (HD) channels. Since the Measat 3 launch in 2007, Measat has worked with a select group of channels, technology partners and uplink providers to develop a solution for the launch and distribution of HD channels across the Asia-Pacific region. The HD distribution services were then expanded in 2009 with the launch of the Measat 3a satellite.

      Measat is currently working with uplink providers including Encompass Digital Media, Globecast and RRsat America – Global Communications Network with an HD video distribution solution made for the Asian market. The satellite also supports HD channels uplinked by the channel operator.

      “In collaboration with our partners we developed an innovative business model to help ‘jump start’ the Asian HD segment,” said Paul Brown-Kenyon, CEO, Measat. “Through this collaboration, we announced the first Asian regional C-Band distribution of an HD channel in 2007.”

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