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SES Leases NSS-7 Capacity to Dutch Teleport

By | September 10, 2012

      Dutch teleport, VSAT and broadcasting services provider Castor Networks has signed a capacity expansion agreement on SES’ NSS-7 satellite to meet growing demands for connectivity throughout Southern Africa, the operator announced.
         SES said Castor Networks would utilize the new capacity to enable delivery of voice and data services across corporate networks of oil and gas and mining industries, as well as ISPs and governments in countries such as Angola, Mozambique and South Africa. NSS-7, which is also marketed as ideal gateway for both video and broadband services into Latin America, provides satellite for transatlantic video traffic and video distribution across Africa.
         Castor Networks Managing Director Edwin Cras said that NSS-7’s orbital location at 340 degrees East, as well as its 7’s newly configured South Africa Ku-band beam, are well positioned to support VSAT hubs that are expanding into remote areas in Southern Africa. “NSS-7 is an ideal fit, as it is a high-powered satellite that offers comprehensive coverage over Southern Africa with cross connectivity into Europe and complements Castor Networks’ iDirect Ku-band coverage over Africa,” Cras said in a statement. “SES, with its professional account management and technical sales support team, has been taking the lead in searching for the right technical solution, allowing us to grow our business by offering competitive rates on first NSS-12, and now NSS-7.”