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Work Microwave Introduces New DVB-S2 Digital Filter

By | September 9, 2012

      Work Microwave has unveiled a new digital filter with a roll-off factor of 5 percent as part of its DVB-S2 modem and modulator portfolio.
         Work Microwave said the filter aims to allow corporate network and Internet service providers, government networks and satellite operators to maximize the bandwidth of their DVB-S2 networks and more efficiently deliver a high-quality of service utilizing the unit’s roll-off feature. The main purpose of roll-off technology is to minimize unused bandwidth space between satellite carriers, enabling an operator to support a wider carrier or additional carriers.
         “Satellite operators have only recently allowed a roll-off smaller than the 20 percent to 35 percent that DVB-S2 allows," Work Microwave Senior Engineer Joerg Rockstroh said in a statement. “Leveraging our more than 25 years of experience creating cutting-edge communications technologies, Work Microwave quickly developed a much smaller roll-off of 5 percent, enabling service providers to maximize the size of their carriers in order to optimize bandwidth use.”