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BTV+ Commissions HD Satellite Uplink

By | October 29, 2007

      [10-29-07 – Satellite Today]  BTV+ has commissioned new satellite uplink equipment to provide high-definition (HD) and standard-definition broadcasting to the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America, the company announced Oct. 29.
          The uplink encompasses a redundant fly-away package which includes HDTV encoders modulator/encapsulators for remote use by any satellite newsgathering uplink truck or either of its two 4.5 meter uplinks in Toronto or the company’s headquarters in Mississauga.
          The launch of this HDTV capability will provide AVC broadcasting, data and business communications and also can be patched into transcontinental providers around the globe. This new suite is equipped to access any satellite in the domestic arc in C-band, Ku-band and extending Ku-band frequencies. BTV+ has access to satellite capacity on AMC-4, AMC-2, AMC-15, Satmex 6, and Anik F2.

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