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OneWeb Signs Distribution Deal in Australia With Sat One

By Mark Holmes | November 17, 2022

OneWeb signs distribution agreement in Australia. Photo: OneWeb

OneWeb’s hopes in the Australian broadband market have been boosted by a new distribution deal. OneWeb announced Nov. 17 that Sat One, an Australian technology company based in Perth, will sell OneWeb’s communications services in Australia. Australia has a population of around 26 million people.

With the start of services in 2023, OneWeb’s partnership with Sat One will focus on expanding bandwidth for a variety of industries such as mining, oil and gas. Sat One also aims to extend its existing connectivity in local communities in hard-to-reach areas and through challenging weather conditions.

“LEO deployed in the remotest locations of Western Australia, will revolutionize how industries such as mining, oil and gas can leverage data from the earliest stage of remote site development to transform all aspects of operations and technology by improving operational technology and business application performance, health and safety of staff and reducing production costs,” Daniel Fairbairn, CEO, Sat One said in a statement.