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SatSignature Deploys Cloud-Based Satellite Spectrum Monitoring Service

By | March 19, 2020

SatSignature spectrum analyser. Photo: SatSignature

SatSignature has deployed what it calls the world’s first spectrum analyzer-in-the-cloud service, offering constant global satellite spectrum monitoring, recording, and analysis in web-based subscription packages. The company, which announced the product earlier this month, said this service allows satellite networks and users to access spectrum monitoring on-demand across entire satellite regions around the world.    

SatSignature said this product allows users to monitor their own carriers, as well as other spectrum across major satellites without a need for monitoring infrastructure deployment and ownership. The company claims this increases ROI as users do not need to incur the IT overhead for software installation, maintenance, and training that typically come with on-site spectrum analysis/monitoring systems.  

“From satellite network operations, to service providers and teleports, from VSATs to broadcast and SNGs, SatSignature can help improve efficiency and uptime, save time and money, and reduce interference and errors,” SatSignature Co-Founder Zuhair Muakkit said.