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Cubic’s Nuvotronics Wins 2 DoD Awards for PolyStrata Tech 

By | March 24, 2021

A cube demonstrating the capabilities of PolyStrata technology with 4 baluns, 10 splitters, 24 interconnects and 16 feeds. Photo: Nuvotronics

Nuvotronics, a subsidiary of Cubic Corporation, has been awarded a contract worth more than $10 million to support the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) “5G to Next G” program, the company announced Wednesday. Under the contract, Cubic will develop a dual-band, ultra-high performance and low size, weight and power (SWaP) 5G Wireless Network Communications Transceiver (WNCT) for military applications.

The objective of the program is to develop an advanced backhaul radio to support the future throughput rates associated with increased data demands and need for spectrum use agility. The ultra-compact 5G backhaul leverages Nuvotronics’ patented PolyStrata 3D microelectronic Radio Frequency (RF) fabrication process. Nuvotronics will work with the U.S. Army PEO STRI and Joint Base Lewis-McChord and industry partners including Nokia and the Wireless Research Center (WRC) over a period of three years on the project. 

Nuvotronics also recently received another DoD contract involving its PolyStrata technology. On March 23, the company announced a $5 million U.S. Army contract to develop a high-altitude balloon payload for Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) operations. This high-altitude balloon payload solution is intended to provide contingency communication support during scenarios when satellite is not available, like an electronic or kinetic attack. The payload will use Nuvotronic’s PolyStrata technology.

Specifically, the award is for a Wideband Global Satellite Surrogate Payload (WGS-SP)  for the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) C5ISR Center and Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate (S&TCD).

Nuvotronics was acquired by Cubic Corporation in 2019 for its PolyStrata patented technology.