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Northrop Grumman Foundation Gives Teachers Weightless Experience

By | September 17, 2007

      The Northrop Grumman Foundation launched 55 Maryland teachers into weightlessness as part of as part of its Weightless Flights of Discovery program.

      Foundation leaders hope to inspire and prepare the next generation of scientists, mathematicians and engineers — critical areas where the United States has fallen behind globally.

      Teachers performed a number of experiments during Martian, lunar and zero gravities. Those experiments were designed to test Newton’s laws of motion and ranged from tennis ball and teacher tosses to water dynamic tests using a simple household sponge.

      Many of the teachers worked with their students before the flights to form hypotheses about the effects of microgravity on the experiments.

      Following the flights, the teachers then will bring their first-hand experiences, enthusiasm and videotaped experiments of science-in-action into the classroom, where they will be integrated into lesson plans.

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