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SAT-GE Open For Business In Asia Pacific Region

By | June 21, 2007

      GE International Holdings Inc., a holding company for General Electric Co.’s satellite businesses, is now doing business under the name of Sat-GE.

      Using the GE-23 (formerly AMC-23) satellite at 172° East, Sat-GE offers capacity across the Pacific region through a C-band and five Ku-band individual beams for Internet applications, data and telecommunications services via VSAT and broadcast programming for cable and satellite. Coverage over land and ocean reaches from Perth, Australia, to Los Angeles and from Alaska to South New Zealand.

      Sat-GE will be managed from Singapore by executives from the holding company: Paul Heinerscheid is president & CEO; Andrew Jordan is general manager and vice president of sales; David Crenshaw is vice president of sales for North America;
      Andy Frost is vice president of marketing and business development; Ronny Svang is chief financial officer and vice president of finance; and Jim Lynch is vice president and general counsel for operations.

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