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SES, Astro-Med Develop Satellite Monitoring System

By | December 4, 2002

      SES Astra, a satellite communication unit of Luxembourg-based SES Global, and high-tech specialty data acquisition systems developer AstroMed Inc. are collaborating to develop a dedicated system designed for automated phase check, attitude data processing and attitude estimation for the Boeing 376 satellite systems.

      Based on a West Warwick, R.I.-based Astro-Med’s Everest telemetry recorder-workstation, the Everest 376 FM processing system is designed for use during satellitestationkeeping maneuvers when the satellite’s attitude control subsystem and propulsion system are used to maintain correct satellite attitude.

      The Everest system automatically calculates the required pre-maneuver satellite parameters and provides ground station personnel with a real-time hard copy recording of satellite data.

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