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Pegasus Plans Two-way, Broadband Service Based On HNS DirecPC In First Quarter

By | November 30, 2000

      Pegasus Communications Corp. [PGTV] said it plans to launch its two-way, broadband Internet access service for its rural subscribers, based on Hughes Network Systems DirecPC service, in the first quarter of next year.

      The company said last July, when its agreement with HNS was announced, that it would start in the fourth quarter with one-way DirecPC service–the satellite downlink–with upstream communications to the Internet via a telco line. HNS has been providing this service for several years. Two-way service would start in the first quarter of 2001, the companies said.

      The two-way, broadband service will be known as Pegasus Express Powered by DirecPC and will provide downlink speeds up to 400,000 kilobytes per second. It will be available through Pegasus’s network of more than 3,500 retailers and installers.

      The Pegasus Express system will be comprised of a DirecPC Internet/satellite TV dish antenna, satellite modem, software, plus additional hardware and accessories.

      In addition to high-speed Internet service, the system’s hybrid dish enables subscribers to get DirecTv Inc.’s DBS service. A separate DirecTv subscription and receiver are required for this option.

      Pegasus says it is the only publicly traded cable, DBS or Internet services provider dedicated to bringing DBS and satellite-based, broadband services to subscribers in rural and underserved areas of the United States. It says it has about 1.3 million DBS subscribers in 42 states. HNS and DirecTv are subsidiaries of Hughes Electronics Corp. [GMH].

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