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Teledyne President Explains Paradise Datacom Acquisition

By | April 11, 2014
      Russell Shaller interview SATELLITE

      Russel Shaller, President of Teledyne Microwave Solutions, talks to Via Satellite’s Junior Editor, Caleb Henry, at SATELLITE 2014

      In a video interview at SATELLITE 2014, Teledyne Microwave Solutions President Russell Shaller discussed how the company’s acquisition of Paradise Datacom fits Teledyne’s larger plans.

      “For about the last half dozen years we’ve had this vision of creating a complete end-to-end capability to provide microwave communications and microwave products,” said Shaller. “Paradise Datacom was kind of the last piece to that puzzle.”

      Teledyne Microwave Solutions was launched in 2012 by Teledyne Technologies to integrate seven different companies. The combined company is able to create new products much faster than before.

      During the video interview, Shaller also talked about producing more space-qualified devices and progress with the Q-Flex modem.

      Watch the full interview here

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