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ETL Systems to Introduce New RF Over Fiber Design at Satellite 2014

By | February 21, 2014
      Dextra splitter combiner ETL

      ETL’s Dextra splitter and combiner. Photo: ETL

      [Via Satellite 02-21-2014] ETL Systems is expanding its product range from radio frequency (RF) systems to fiber applications, and will introduce its new solution at SATELLITE 2014 in March. This new design will feature high-level RF specs and a design for high isolation applications, with full details being released at the show.

      The company will also have three other products on display, including ETL’s 128 by 128 compact Vulcan matrix, Dextra splitters and combiners, and the Alto amplifier. ETL’s matrix is a solution for larger RF routing systems used for distribution of multiple L-band signals in a broadcast environment. The company’s Dextra series includes a range of web-enabled professional splitters and combiners to cover the L-band frequency range. Finally, ETL’s Alto amplifier works in L-band and can be remotely controlled via Ethernet and web browser interface to allow hot-swap of amplifiers and power supplies.

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