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Lockheed Martin Completes Propulsion Module for SBIRS GEO 4 Satellite

By | May 8, 2014

      A rendering of an SBRIS GEO spacecraft. Photo: Lockheed Martin.

      [Via Satellite 05-08-2014] Lockheed Martin finished building the propulsion module for the Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) Fourth Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO 4) vehicle. The module will maneuver the satellite during transfer to its final orbit location and will carry out on-orbit repositioning tasks throughout the mission life. Next, the company will continue with satellite assembly, integration and testing.

      The module was shipped to Lockheed Martin’s facility in Sunnyvale, Calif., where it will be outfitted with satellite power and avionics boxes before installing the payload from Northrop Grumman that will be delivered later this year.

      The SBIRS provides continuous early detection of ballistic missile launches and other tactical intelligence services. These services will be provided to the President, the Secretary of Defense, combatant commanders, then intelligence community and other decision makers.

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