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Sea Launch’s Satellite Launch Failure Report Released by Review Oversight Board

By | June 3, 2013
      Sea Launch’s platform.
      Image credit: Sea Launch

      [Satellite TODAY 06-03-13] Sea Launch recently announced that the failure review oversight board (FROB) issued its final summary report of findings on May 31, following its review of the investigation into the cause of the January 31, 2013 failed launch attempt of the Intelsat 27 satellite. It had been previously reported that the FROB concluded that the failure was isolated to the Zenit 3SL first stage hydraulic power supply unit (BIM) with no other contributors identified. 

           Corrective actions on the existing flight units are expected to be complete in the June/July time frame and do not involve any design changes to the flight hardware. The corrective actions focus on additional standalone inspections and testing of the BIM prior to installation into the Zenit First stage engine compartment.

           The FROB membership, including independent reviewers and subject matter experts, unanimously concurred with the investigation findings and cleared the Zenit 3SL for return to flight pending closure of the corrective actions, which they affirmed will prevent a similar failure in the future.

           Officials representing Sea Launch and Energia Logistics, Sea Launch’s prime technical subcontractor, are now set to travel to present the FROB’s findings to the customer and insurance communities during the month of June.

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