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DigitalGlobe, NGA EnhancedView Contract on Schedule

By | February 4, 2013
      Artist rendition of the WorldView-3 Satellite.
      Image credit: DigitalGlobe
      [Satellite TODAY 02-04-13] DigitalGlobe has announced that construction of its WorldView-3 satellite is on schedule. The company plans to complete the satellite in time for a mid-2014 launch in order to meet the requirements of its EnhancedView contract with the U.S. government.
         The WorldView-3 aims to deliver the most spectral diversity available commercially and be the first to offer multiple Short-Wave Infrared bands that allow for accurate imaging through haze, fog, dust, smoke and other air-born particulates. The company’s largest customer, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), has confirmed the requirements of DigitalGlobe’s EnhancedView contract remain unchanged.
         After the merger with GeoEye, DigitalGlobe is also planning to complete the construction of GeoEye-2 this year, which will be saved as a ground spare for the company to meet customer demand or to replace other on-orbit satellites if needed. Previously, GeoEye was planning to launch GeoEye-2 in 2013.
         According to Jeffrey R. Tarr, President and Chief Executive Officer, DigitalGlobe, the move, “reduces our risk profile and capital footprint, while giving our customers access to the most advanced Earth observation capabilities available commercially. Furthermore, as we move forward, if demand exceeds our expectations, we will be well positioned to quickly expand our constellation.”
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